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Slide STARTER PACK $29.99 BOOK NOW Includes 2 weeks of trial classes + free uniform upon joining STARTER PACK $29.99 BOOK NOW Includes 2 weeks of trial classes + free uniform upon joining

Our Programs


Kids Taekwondo Class Power Confidence


From children who were too scared to even step into the class to students who now lead a class in an activity, we instill life changing confidence to our students.

Kids Martial Arts Focus Discipline


In a modern electronic world where children have short attention spans, developing the focus to do well at school is important.

Kids Martial Arts Focus Discipline


You child will learn the value of respect and humility.



Our Martial Arts programs are recognized nationwide for our holistic approach to teaching students. Our programs are implemented in preschools, primary schools and high schools around Australia, helping the development of children of all ages.


To keep up with the everchanging times, our curriculum has been developed to teach our students self-defence which has evolved with influences from other martial arts disciplines. With a team of young instructors, we are always eager to learn and adapt for the benefit of our students.


Our club was started by three brothers who understand importance of family. Our aim is to create an environment that a student can belong to and not feel judged or bullied. We believe that this positive environment where students feel comfortable and support create strong and confidence role models in society.



Our Sparring program is a program for selected studentsthat want to improve and challenge themselves in a competitive and controlled environment in protective sparring gear. The Sparring program incorporates Olympic Taekwondo point sparring in which students learn how to use their techniques with a live and moving opponent. Our Sparring program caters to students aged 5 and above and our students compete from grass roots local competitions all the way to the international stage.


Black Belt Squad

The Black Belt Squad program is a fun and exciting program which is all about the use of weaponry and acrobatics. In this program, we develop the skills of the students in the use of weapons such as swords, nunchucks, kamas and bo staffs. Advanced kicks and acrobatic skills are also taught whilst also developing the confidence of the students in themselves as they learn these techniques in a fun environment.


The Poomsae, or patterns program, is a class in which students learn a set routine of kicks and punches and through repetition, perfect their technique and improve their memory skills. Students that are determined perfectionists thrive in this program as their dedication to themselves improve their routine over time. The Poomsae program also allows students to enter competitions, where they are scored on their rhythm, power and accuracy of their routine. 


Preschool Program
School Programs
Birthday Parties
Corporate Workshops

Slide STARTER PACK $29.99 BOOK NOW Includes 2 weeks of trial classes + free uniform upon joining STARTER PACK $29.99 BOOK NOW Includes 2 weeks of trial classes + free uniform upon joining

Sparring Program

Our sparring program is run by two of the most qualified coaches within Australia, Master Terrence Fernandez and Head Coach Marwan Hussein. These two have been a part of countless state, National, and international teams, and have led MAS to collecting many medals on the state, national and international level. Sparring is a specialised program that allows athletes to focus on Olympic-style Sparring. Sparring helps develop a variety of life benefitting skills and values. Setting goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve them is an essential skill needed for any path you take in life. Whether you are aiming to perform at a local competition or obtain a gold medal the Olympic Games, We assist in achieving the mind set of a champion.

Black Belt Squad

What is the Black Belt Squad?

The Black Belt Squad program is an interactive program designed for students to learn in a more hands-on environment through kinaesthetic learning by using different types of weapons such as nunchuks, swords, bo staffs and kamas. Students also learn more advanced techniques that they may not usually do in their normal classes. These include difficult advanced kicks and acrobatics.

What are the benefits?

In these classes, students learn to become quick thinkers, coordinating in large groups and innovating in their different skills. Through the training in groups and with partners, students learn to become confident in their skills and abilities through constant support from their friends and coaches, whilst those in groups learn to become group leaders, vocalising their opinions and ideas as well as learning how to co-ordinate in group performances.

Through the training with weapons, students develop their focus as they strive to develop and improve their weapon handling skills and improving their hand eye co-ordination.

What types of weapons do you use?

In class students practice with swords, kamas, nunchucks and the bo staff.

Are the weapons real/sharp?

All the weapons we use and practice with are all blunt and safe and made out of either plastic, wood, aluminium or foam.

Are there competitions for the Black Belt Squad?

Yes, Black Belt Squad members are able to compete in competitions in divisions called XMA (Extreme Martial Arts). In this competition, competitors demonstrate a routine with their favourite weapon in time with music of their choice and are judged on weapon skills, advanced techniques and showmanship.


What is the Poomsae program?

The Poomsae (Patterns) program is a specialised class where students learn the Taeguk Patterns. These patterns are a part of traditional Taekwondo and are usually learnt when students join the Teens & Adults program. The patterns are a series of kicks, strikes and blocks that students must memorise and perform in the correct order.

Benefits of the Poomsae program

Through the Poomsae program, students improve their memory skills and concentration. As the patterns are generally almost twenty steps, students must remember and perform the
pattern to the best of their ability. Not only do students improve their memory, their technique improves through the Poomsae program, as they drill and perfect their movements.

Younger students that join the Poomsae program also have a head start on learning these patterns that they will learn in the Teens & Adults program!

Are there competitions for Poomsae?

Yes! We have many competitors that compete in Poomsae competitions where they are judged by a panel for their accuracy, power and speed of their patterns.


What does this program do for my child?

This program is not just a martial arts program, it is a program that helps with the development of a strong foundation for children aged 3-6 years. The program was developed with the guidance of the early years learning framework (EYLF). The frame work is the standard that preschools in Australia adhere to for the development for this age group.

How does martial arts coincide with the early years learning framework?

With martial arts and the EYLF, they share very similar fundamentals. Building one’s sense of identity in the early years learning framework is very relevant in the martial arts. Having the mini rangers perform their moves in front of the class will build their confidence and will also allow them to develop their identity.

Why does the Mini Rangers program run for 30 minutes?

Through our many years of experience, we have found that thirty minutes is the optimal length of time for the younger aged children. With the students aged 3-6, with their shorter attention spans, classes are still dynamic and fun to continue to develop their attention spans and concentration. Longer class times have a negative effect on the concentration of the Mini Rangers.

Should I stay and watch my child when they are doing their class?

If your child is nervous and shy, we would recommend that you stay so that they can feel comfortable with new people. Once they gain more confidence, we would recommend that parents should leave their child with the instructor or watch from a distance. This will allow the instructor to build the child’s confidence even more.

Why are the classes separated into 3-4 and 5-6 years?

With the mini rangers, the development of the 3-4 years age group are vastly different from the 5-6 years age group. With the 3-4 years, in accordance with the EYLF, students learn the very basics of martial arts with a focus more on their balance and co-ordination. As they move up in the 5-6 years age group, their fundamentals have improved. This means the focus is more on their confidence and social skills and building up their school readiness.


What does this program do for my child?

Our Martial Rangers program has been developed over the years as a strong foundational program to build both a child’s physical and mental skills. The program focuses on developing the co-ordination and physical attributes for strong and active children as well as developing their confidence and social skills. For the overactive children that struggle to sit still the Martial Ranger program aids in building up their discipline and concentration, while the children who are shy and quiet, we build up their confidence and bring them out of their shells.

We also have a strict bully-free environment in our club, teaching our students to both stand up for themselves towards bullies as well as recognising and providing an outlet for those who may potentially be the bullies.

Should I stay and watch my child when they are doing their class?

If your child is nervous and shy, we would recommend that you stay so that they can feel comfortable with new people. Once they gain more confidence, we would recommend that parents should leave their child with the instructor or watch from a distance. This will allow the instructor to build the child’s confidence even more.


What are our Teens and Adults classes about?

This program focuses on fundamentals of Taekwondo as well as the basics of weaponry and self defence. Our teens and adults program focuses on both health-related fitness such as cardiovascular endurance and skill related fitness such as speed and balance. In this class you will not only be taught different kicks, strikes and combinations, you will also be taught elements of different martial arts such as ground defence, standing self-defence and weapons for coordination and flexibility.

Do I need prior experience to start?

You don’t need any prior experience to join! All our classes are beginner friendly and you will receive plenty of guidance from our professional instructors! Although we have set our curriculum to be a little challenging, you are able to set your own pace for your training and you will always be encouraged to do your best. We have many different ages from young teenagers up to parents and adults looking for a change from gym fitness routine.

What are the mental benefits of joining Teens and Adults?

We believe that martial arts have a wide array of health benefits, not only physically but also emotionally. Martial arts like Taekwondo help individuals create a healthy, stable mindset and helps alleviate stress. Simple breathing exercises like meditation can be very beneficial for relieving one’s anxiety. Taekwondo also helps you relieve negative tension through exercise and lower your stress levels. At Martial Arts Spirit we notice our students increase in confidence right from the very beginning. Our classes are tailored to meet everyone’s specific needs, so every student feels strong and capable and more confident.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a different themed birthday this year that your child and all their friends will remember? Our Martial Arts themed birthday party packages may be just the thing.


Martial Arts Spirit School programs are in place across several primary and high schools across Sydney. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our instructors are highly qualified and Working with Children accredited. We currently run several before and after school care programs, as well as school sport incursions and excursions.

Students in our School programs learn basic martial arts skills such as punching, kicking and self defence techniques whilst also learning important values such as discipline and respect. Our programs target five areas:


  • Increasing fitness with martial arts drills and exercises build their physical attributes


  • Educating students on how to avoid and handle situations.
  • Prevents students from becoming the bully through teaching self-control and discipline.


  • Guiding students to have a positive mind set in training
  • Learning to apply a positive mind set in their studies as well as other aspects in life


  • Through our time with the students, we emphasise building their character inside and out, giving them the confidence they need to be leaders and good role models in our society.


  • Engaging students in group activities to increase confidence and participation.
  • Creating a supportive team environment and getting the class to bond through challenging group activities.


Martial Arts Spirit is the proud innovator of preschool specific Martial Arts Programs in Australia. Our preschool program was featured on Sunrise and 7 News for being the pioneer in our industry. Preschool instructors are all Working With Children accredited and highly qualified. Our Preschool Mini Rangers curriculum involves martial arts techniques, flexibility, meditation and has been developed closely with preschool staff to target the five milestones in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF):

  • Physical—gross and fine motor skills
  • Social—finding a sense of identity and building relationships with others
  • Emotional—encouraging an appreciation for diversity and differences and learning to empathise and show affection
  • Cognitive—developing basic problem solving skills and understanding concepts and exercises memory
  • Language—building communication skills and being able to explain and describe objects or experiences

These growing years are by far the most crucial to the creation of who a child is as an individual. The values and experiences that they are instilled with at this early age will remain with them for the rest of their lives and shape who they are as an adult.

If you would like your preschool to offer a service that gives the children a qualification in martial arts and makes your business different to your competition, contact us to see how we can implement this service into your preschool and what benefits it has for your business as well as your clients.


At Martial Arts Spirit we offer several different Corporate workshops and seminars depending on the needs of your business. Workshops and seminars can be held in centre or on business premises and cover a wide range of topics. Our staff are highly qualified and participants will be learning from the best.

From anti-bullying seminars to end of year staff team bonding, our team have it covered. Enquire now!

School Seminars

  • Help students realise the type of attitude needed in order to overcome obstacles that may stop them from reaching their goals.
  • Motivate students for their upcoming exams
  • Create a positive environment and mind set in order to accomplish their goals
  • Anti-bullying workshops

Corporate Workshops

  • Team bonding with staff
  • Motivational seminars
  • Stress relief and fun for all staff